W. Rose-where fashion meets compassion

My style journey began with my mother who has always been a role model with her classic, yet fun sense of style and impeccable taste for all things beautiful. She always taught me that inner and outer beauty can work harmoniously together with a combination of compassion, confidence, and of course, the right outfit and accessories. After becoming a mother myself of two amazing children and leaving my career as a public school teacher, I realized that stepping into motherhood for women does not mean one must step “out” of style. I spent several years assisting family members and friends with their wardrobe dilemmas, so with the loving support of my husband of 19 years I set out to create W. Rose. The name W. Rose came from a combination of my children’s names, Bella Rose 7 and Willem 5 who are such an inspiration to me. Like most mothers, my main goal as a parent is to teach my children the importance of gratitude and giving back to their community. That is why I decided to model my beliefs through giving a percentage of my services back to charities in the Middle Tennessee area. My hope is that Bella and Willem will grow up to be loving and generous (yet fashionable!) philanthropists.

I hope that when the need arises, I can assist you on your “stylish journey”.

Leah Bearden-W. Rose

First impressions are everlasting

Make your first impression a memorable one with closet editing and wardrobe consulting with W Rose. How you look is not just about what you’re wearing, but it is about a renewed confidence and youthfulness brought into your life. I will help you discover the look that is right for you and your body type while helping you determine the best colors for you. I’ll give guidelines and shopping lists that will help you continue to evolve your personal style. Additionally, I will provide you with your own personal Pinterest board where I will build outfits and pin clothing items that fit your style.

And best of all, give to Middle Tennessee charities. For every package, 5 %  is given to help those in need and support for the community!

Is it expensive?

No, my services are affordable (see packages below). In addition to my budget friendly prices, 5% of services purchased goes towards local charities.

Do I have to buy a new wardrobe from expensive retail stores?

No, not at all. I believe in helping people get the look they’ve always wanted, but at affordable prices. I love to shop at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and consignment boutiques. The idea is not to get you to spend the most money on your wardrobe, but to get the right clothes for you at the most affordable prices.

How do I know if I need a consultant?

Do I ever buy clothes and never wear them?
Do I need help creating my own personal style?
Am I confused as to what colors bests suite me?
Have I had major body changes (weight change, pregnancy, etc….)?
Do I lack confidence in what I wear?
Am I wearing frumpy out-of-date clothing?
Am I changing or starting a new career and need help with my wardrobe?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, don’t worry W.Rose is here to help! Having the right things to wear will make you look great and give you the confidence you desire to start looking and feeling as stylish and attractive as you’ve always wanted, call today!

Package 1–Special Event Consultation and Shopping $120

Package 2 SUMMER SPECIAL– $115 ($160 value)  “Edit”-closet, “revise”-existing wardrobe, “rewrite”- personal style and “give back”- donation drop- off

Package 3–$200 “Edit”-closet, “revise”-existing wardrobe, “rewrite”- personal style, shop- w/ Leah and give back- donation drop-off

Don’t see a package that works for you? I can tailor a service for you or personal shopping at $45 per hour.

Shopping trip with Leah (2 hr minimum)
Leah’s personal shopping services (2 hr minimum)
Wardrobe edit only
Style existing wardrobe only

Need a gift for a loved one? Any specific service or package can be bought to go towards services & packages.

Like wrosefashion on FACEBOOK for exclusive incentives and keep up to do date on the latest trends!

I love referrals! Word of mouth is the strongest marketing tool and I want to reward clients and friends who tell others about their experience.

What my customers are saying…

“Calling Leah with W. Rose has changed my life and given me such a huge self esteem boost!!! we started out by “purging” my closet and getting rid of things that DEFINITELY needed to go…THAT felt so CLEANSING!!! she helped me make multiple outfits using the clothes and shoes i already had in my closet and then she took me shopping to pick out the “key pieces” that i could use to go along with ANY outfit!!!! i’m proud to say that i am now a HUGE fan of my skinny jeans and leggings, i LOVE wearing my riding boots with ANYTHING, and i actually look forward to going SHOPPING!!!!! thank you SOOOO SOOOO much for changing me from a slouchy, frumpy dresser to a much cleaner, classy looking one!!!! i can’t wait until our spring get together!!!!” –Kacey Ownens, Summit Medical Center, Nashville Tn

“Leah, Saidee and I would like to Thank You for working with us when preparing for her Senior Pictures. We both had so much fun. Thank you for working directly with her and making her feel important. She loved the experience. You created looks for her that fit her personality “to a T”. Also, thank you for making me go outside of my comfort zone with outfits that coordinated with hers perfectly. Thomas was so surprised with the pictures of the two of us. We had a blast shopping and putting our looks together. Saidee’s senior pictures turned out awesome, and the looks you created had a lot to do with that. We cannot thank you enough!!!!” –Shannon Zobel, Mt. Juliet, TN

“After going through a major life change, I was ready to renew my style and self confidence. Not only did Leah and I share lots of laughs while shopping together, but she inspired me to try outfits that I never thought would look good on me. Now I have the tools I need to choose the right colors and styles that fit MY body!” — Britainy Kavanaugh, Hair stylist/make-up artist, Nashville, TN

“If you asked me before my consultation with Leah if I would ever wear skinny jeans, the answer would have been NO! Now, they’re my favorite wardrobe staple.With her encouragement, I was able to get out of my comfort zone and try new pieces that have enhanced my own personal style. Thank you, W. Rose!” — Monica Lile, Manager-Operations of Walbert Trucking, Inc., Bowling Green, KY

“Leah it was so much fun shopping with you! I appreciate that you let me lead our shopping expedition by going to stores that I was familiar with and that I could afford! I still cannot believe how often that I picked the wrong size for myself and I really cannot believe how much better the right size makes me look. Six months later and I still have fun getting dressed and because of the mix n’ match pieces we bought I am still creating new (and bolder) combinations. As much as I hate to admit it, I have not missed anything that you suggested that I pitch from my existing wardrobe and I have not once gone to the “keep it in case you miss it” pile. I have even found myself discarding items on my own bc they don’t fit properly. I also hate to admit it but the red jeans that I fought you on are now my go to favorite for the weekends. Thanks again and I am looking forward to doing in all again this fall!” — Jennifer Ogden, Civic Engineering, Brentwood, TN



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